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At the 2016 International Off-Road & UTV Expo, we interviewed Adam with Arizona Color Wraps about their new projects, services, and more.

Interviewer: Scott Rein
Interviewee: Adam
Filmed: September 24th, 2016


Scott: Adam, we come across your booth, as I look around, you’re not just another wrap company. You got all kinds of things going on over here. You got the banners. I got to ask you, the little mini monster truck, that was a very interesting wrap on that deal.

Adam: Yeah, well, we decided to do that last year because of the Mad Max movie. That’s been a really popular design lately. A lot of people want to have that rat rod look and have the old metal, and a lot of the old rust all over everything, so we’ve done a lot of wraps like that. We figured the best way to showcase it was to do it on one of our small trucks so we could take it to all the shows.

Scott: Okay, let me step back a little bit and go back to the beginning. There’s wrap companies all over the place, like almost every other block. They’re like McDonald’s almost. What separates Arizona Wraps from the rest?

Adam: Well, at Arizona Color we’ve been doing it for probably mostly almost 15 years now. There’s a lot of wrap shops that have been coming in lately, but we have a lot of experience. All of our installers are more experienced. They go through a 3M-certified training and Avery training. The design team that we have at ours is probably the best because we’ve won a lot of awards and our customer service is unparalleled to everybody else.

Scott: Well, before we came on camera here, I was looking around at some of the wraps you got going on here and some of your side-by-sides. The colors are nice. The designs are nice, but what I look at is the application. All the different kind of crazy angles and the indentions, I guess you’d say, or around the doors and the fenders and things like that. It’s just not something you can just throw a sticker on and hopefully they’ll work. There’s a method to your madness to getting these things to attach.

Adam: That is correct because it does take a specific skill to be able to make it stick and adhere to certain areas, especially when you’re going around fenders and stuff. The vinyl does stretch, which makes the design stretch. When you’re dealing with that, you’ve got to have an experienced installer who knows exactly how it’s going to look before he lays it. Once you lay it on there and then you try and pull it off and relay it and pull it off and relay it, you’re just going to end up stretching it out. The color starts to band. The color starts to come out of it a little bit, then you got to throw the whole piece away. It’s a costly effort for us so that we don’t have to keep reprinting things to have a good install team who knows what they’re doing and can get it on pretty much on the first try.

Scott: That’s the thing I was looking at. All the corners are so precise. Even on the edges where the cut it, it’s right on the edge. It’s not exposing the paint that’s underneath it. I mean, I guess what I’m trying to say is that the application of these vehicles that you have, that’s what was impressing me.

Adam: Yeah, like I said, my guys are very detail oriented. They make sure they go around the vehicle several times. If any other additional cuts need to be made, they’ll make sure that everything gets in there just perfect and nice and tight. A lot of people want a wrap to look like a paint job. If you’ve got a bunch of wanky cuts and crooked stuff, it just doesn’t work that way for us. We make sure we inspect every vehicle before it leaves the shop, so that everything is exactly where it needs to be and make the customer happy.

Scott: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever wrapped? The wildest, craziest thing that when you were asked about it, you were like, “I don’t know if we can do this,” but you went and did it anyways. What’s the nuttiest thing?

Adam: We wrapped a toilet plunger. The handle of a toilet plunger actually got wrapped. It was a weird request, but it was for a plumbing company and they wanted us to wrap their toilet plunger. They brought it to a home show, and it was a hit. I guess they walked around with it, and people were surprised that we could actually do that. That’s probably not one of the craziest things, but it’s definitely one of the strangest items we’ve ever done. We don’t just do vehicles, we do interiors. We can wrap furniture, appliances. If it can stick to it, we can wrap it.

Scott: Well, where can people find you to get their toilet plunger wrapped?

Adam: We’re up on Deer Valley. We’re just down from the airport. We’re on 21st Ave. and Deer Valley on the north side, right across from Screwy Lewie’s.

Scott: A website?

Adam: Our website is

Scott: All right. That should have it. If you’ve got a plunger at home, this is the man to wrap it right here. Thanks a lot.

Adam: Thank you very much. That was a good one.

Arizona Color

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