Baja 1000 Re-Cap

Alan Ampudia Wins the Trophy Truck Class 

Alan Ampudia(#10) brought home first! Alan, Arron, and Rodrigo maintained the truck and scored an incredible victory. Who knows how you win a race like this but maybe it’s a testament to their home track advantage, skill, or just patience, timing, finding the right lines and having amazing prep and team. Whatever it was, he brought it home first in Trophy Truck. 

Impressive Placing by Dakar Champs, 2nd Trophy Truck 

While the Driver of Record was Arizona’s Jesse Jones(#76) it was the Australian Toby Price and Qatari’s Nasser Al-Attiyah that impressed everyone at the Baja 1000. Toby and Nassar, both basically Baja newbies with respect to the normal stock of Trophy Truck Racers that span generations of Baja royalty, these two piloted to the finish around 10 minutes behind Ampudia. That’s huge in a race like this. Only 30 some seconds separated the duo from Luke McMillin(#83) After that the gap widened to over an hour. The two international Dakar champions brought their A game and proved there is a lot of talent out in the world that deserves a shot at Baja 1000.  

Mike Walser 89

Mike Walser(89) and Rob MacCachren(11) rounded out the top 5. And Baja 400 Champion Ryan Arciero pulled in at 6th. 

Andy McMillin & Bryce Menzies #31

Andy McMillin & Bryce Menzies(31) came in 7th. Bryce rolled the truck and from there it was a battle for the team(not just the drivers) to keep it together. Regardless, Andy McMillin still captured the SCORE INTERNATIONAL Points Championship. Clearly a testament to McMillin legacy of racing excellence, skill, prep, and amazing support crew. Congratulations Andy McMillin and Team! 

Class 1 had 3 finishers! That’s insane. 

Brendan Gaughan(162) pulled across the line over hour ahead of second place Brandon Bailey(129). Mason Cullen(105) came in 4 hours behind 1st in his Jimco. How brutal was the course to take out all but three of the baddest Baja vehicles. Congratulations to these teams and their accomplishment of finishing the 52nd Baja 1000. 

SARA Price wins the 2019 SCORE Trophy Spec Championship  

The Trophy Spec Class continues to grow. 22 trucks entered only 13 finished. Up top was AJ Jones(279) with a 17:53hr time. That time would have put Jones in 6th place in the Trophy Truck class. An hour and a half back was show stopper Sara Price(204) in the 4WP Geiser Built truck. Price’s finish has won her the 2019 SCORE TROPHY SPEC Championship! 

Curries and Campbell’s Battle it out! 

The Curries and Campbell are close friends, in fact Currie sponsors the Campbells. However when it comes to racing it’s on, that’s how competitors live. Cassey Currie came in 4 hours in front of the Campbell family. An impressive time gap considering Currie apparently had some type of major engine problem.  Shannon Campbell started the race, then handed it to Wayland, after that Bailey Campbell grabbed the reigns and brought the Hammer Truck across the line. This highlighted Baileys growing career successes as this was her first Baja finish.  

Arizona Takes Class 10 

Arizona Class 10 racer Chase Warren(1008) crosses the finish line first in his Alumicraft beast. Right behind was Eilseo Garcia(1075). Garcia is one of the principal promoters of the famous NORRA 1000.  

Justin Lambert Brings Home the Win for Cognito 

UTV Forced Induction was stacked. With the usual suspects in the top 6. Cognitos Justin Lambert(2918) was only 19 minutes ahead of Wayne Matlock(2971). Followed by Matt Burroughs(2948), Wes Miller(2989), Brandon Schueler(2919), and Marc Burnett(2905) all rounder out the top 6.  Polaris took the two top positions as well as 4th & 5th. Can-Am took 3rd and 6th.  Of the total 14 finishers 8 were Can-Am’s and 6 were Polaris’s. 

Kristen Matlock is your SCORE PRO UTV NA Champion and…. 

Kristen Matlock(1954) again proved she is the top racer in Pro UTV NA.  Matlock drove the entire treacherous Baja 1000 course and came in nearly 1 hour ahead of Kaden Wells(1995) of St. George. Matlock scored 3rd Overall in the UTV category. Congratulations Kristen!!!  

Polaris Dominated the Baja 1000.   

With 4 Vehicles in the Top 5 of the UTV Forced Induction and all but one of the finishers in the UTV PRO NA were Polaris’s. Can-Am beat out the Polaris in Pro UTV Unlimited and took 1st and 3rd.  And the only Pro Stock UTV to finish was a Polaris. UTV Sportsman was conquered by a Can-Am. 

Pro Moto Proves Bikes Will Conquer! 

All entrants but one in the Pro Moto Unlimited class finished the 2019 Baja 1000. Honda claimed the throne with the 1X plate crossing the finish line first. Justin Morgan(1X) and team finished 2 hours in front of second and third. However, it was the 2 second time difference between Santiago Creel(66X) and Ray Dal Soglio(4X) that created an amazing finish. 

Santiago Creel Claims Podiums in 3 Classes  

Santiago Creel was the rider of record in three different classes. Pro Moto Unlimited Creel(66X) pulled down a second place finish, in Pro Moto Limited Creel(100X) landed in first, and in Pro Moto 30 Creel(360X) took second behind Ensenada rider Francisco Septien(370X). 

Class 11 is UNSTOPPABLE!  

Last but not least, was the unstoppable Class 11 car of Dennis Hollenbeck. This little Bochito made every mile of the brutal race that took out so many other vehicles. And the Bug was not last to finish after 33:49:49.045hrs we counted 4 other vehicles that came in later under the final official time allotted  to all racers.  Congratulations to Team Hollenbeck. 

Baja 1000 Re-Cap
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