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By: NeverStopRiding     Interview by: Scott Rehn

At the 2016 International Off-Road & UTV Expo, we talked with Richie about 50 Caliber Racing, the origins of the name, and what they are doing in the UTV Market.

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Scott: We’ve walked past this booth, I’d have to say, six, seven, 50 times so far in the last two days. 50 Caliber Racing and Richie. I’m walking by and you guys got everything for your side by side. The light bars. The switches. Dash plates. Seats. Belts. Just every little knickknack you can have to add on to and personalize your UTV, you seem to have it.

Richie: We’re trying. We’re trying to send everyone home with no money.

Scott: And you with no product.

Richie: We try.

Scott: How’s it working out for you so far? What’s your favorite product right now? What seems to be selling the best?

Richie: Anything that we make in-house is my favorite. We started manufacturing three years ago, well, we started about 10 years ago, but we started hitting the UTV’s really hard three years ago. I take a lot of pride in that. I enjoy selling them more than anything else we sell.

Scott: Do you have a storefront? Are you located anywhere?

Richie: No storefront. We’re in Las Vegas. We’re manufacturing, distributing, basically. Yeah, the stuff we do is what I enjoy.

Scott: There’s always a story behind the name of a company. There’s a 5150 Wraps in Las Vegas. “Where did you get 5150?” He told me that’s the police call for somebody that’s crazy. They call it 5150. Hence, the name of his company, but where’s 51 Caliber come for you?

Richie: 50 Caliber comes from, I think guns are cool, and we used to sell Honda 50 parts only.

Scott: Okay.

Richie: So I came up with 50 Caliber. That’s it.

Scott: You’ve been doing this for about 10 years. Where do you see yourself in this company in three years or five years?

Richie: We’ve been at it 15 years, actually. We’ve grown the last three years, nothing but growing. Busy non-stop. We’re currently building a facility three times the size of what we’re in now. Should be done next year. Super excited for that because right now we’re maxed out. We can’t add any new product. I can’t buy any more machines. There’s no space. We’ve put our shelves closer together and stacked higher, and we’re done. We can’t do anymore until we move.

Scott: What’s on the drawing board for your next product that you’re coming out with? Or can’t you tell us? Come on, you can tell us.

Richie: I probably got 30 products that I want to make right now and just don’t have the room. Recently we came out with Arctic Cat parts. Every show we do, I get people asking for Arctic Cat stuff, so we came out with eight Arctic Cat parts recently. That’s our newest thing that we’ve came out with.

Scott: Where can the people go to check out your website or your product line?

Richie: Online

Scott: There you have it. Right to the point, 50 Caliber Racing. This guy right here, Richie, give him a call.

Richie: Thanks, guys.

Scott: Yeah.

50 Caliber Racing

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