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By: NeverStopRiding     Interview by: Scott Rehn

At the 2016 International Off-Road & UTV Expo, we interviewed Jason Craigen about Arctic Cat’s New Line Up as well as the future plans with Robby Gordon.

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Scott: To say that you’re excited about your new product line is putting it mildly. Jason from Arctic Cat, you’ve made sure that we walked up, that you want to about these two units directly behind us. Start at the beginning. What are they about?

Jason: Yeah, so right behind us is our new WildCat X with RG Pro suspension. It’s actually designed from Robbie Gordon. As you look at the rear of the machine you’re going to see how we have trim in our suspension coming out the rear. That give less scrub and all the information about it is on our website, It’s just awesome new vehicles, new technology that we have coming out.

Scott: Now when you talk about the new vehicles, and you got Robbie Gordon behind it, and helped you design it, and everything like that, what was it like when you guys signed him to help you guys out to basically initialize a brand new lineup?

Jason: It’s awesome. He’s been racing out in the Baja 1000 with those trophy trucks, and we’re just taking that technology and now putting in our machines, which is phenomenal, and it’s just been an awesome experience working with Robbie.

Scott: Now has that translated into people coming in the showroom with excitement of, basically, yeah, we could say Robbie Gordon fans, but also people that are one the fence at one point about getting an Arctic Cat, but now that they recognize that name, now they’re coming into the dealers and checking these things out?

Jason: Yeah, for sure. The dealerships are definitely noticing that. Not only that, we’re doing demo rides, so you can’t really tell what it’s like until get out on the machines. They definitely know Robbie has some good ideas, and Arctic Cat’s listening to him. We’re doing what we can to make them better. The machines are going to be just keep getting better and better as they go on.

Scott: Now you talked about the suspension. Let’s talk about the power plan in the rest of these vehicles. What’s that all about?

Jason: Yeah, so they’re both … We have an X behind us and a 4-X and they’re both 1000’s. They’re just under 100 horsepower on both machines and they’ll do 65, 70 miles an hour. You definitely get the ride, so you’ll be able to go through the woods faster than other competitors, if that makes sense.

Scott: Now, you guys, Arctic Cat has been synonymous since I was a little kid, Arctic Cat was always my favorite, without a doubt, snowmobiles on the market. You guys are known for snowmobiles. All of a sudden now, just recently, a few years ago jumped into the side by sides. It wasn’t a big stretch for you guys. What was that like when all of a sudden you decide to get into it?

Jason: Yeah, no. It’s awesome. The snowmobiles, we’ve been very success. The side by side industry is just taking off like crazy, and we’re stoked to be in it. We’re just keep creating new and new vehicles. Our Wildcats have been awesome rock climbers. We’re just trying to figure out how we can get faster in the desert and whatnot. All that stuff has just been really good for Arctic Cat.

Scott: Now when it comes to testing these things, how have you … What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen one of these things do?

Jason: I’ve seen Sheldon Creed just opened up, just taken to the limits, figuring out what they can do, if they can break it. That’s how we’re testing to make sure that when we get to the normal consumer, we know it’s fully tested by a superstar like Sheldon Creed, and Robbie.

Scott: I find that very interesting because that’s what those two guys are known for. They go out, and they just mash it. They’ll wreck something because they expect that, but then all of a sudden they step out, they maybe have their bell rung a little bit, but then, “Okay guys, now we broke it. You fix it. Make it better next time.” They go out and do it again, and find something else that breaks. It’s just like a continuation of breaking things, and then making it better. You got two of the best test drivers out there, I think.

Jason: No, for sure. It’s awesome. You’re exactly right. They’ll test it and test it. If they do break it, we’ll fix it, and figure out where the weak point is and make it better and better and better. That’s where our machines are going.

Scott: I can’t wait to see what else you guys got up your sleeves as this whole progression of this new product line goes on, especially those two guys behind the wheel. Thank you for joining us this afternoon. I hope you guys had a great weekend.

Jason: Thank you so much.

Scott: Yep.

Arctic Cat

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